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Poco Loco ポコロコ





薄いピンクの色で、本 フルーツ、桜、薔薇の花ビラ 味覚 フルーツ、わたあめ、メロン、スパイス スッキリした味わい Tasting Notes Inspired by the French wine region of Bandol in Provence, super aromatic with summer fruits, cherry blossom and rose petal. The palate is brimming with flavour, crunchy red fruits, green melon and a hint of spice follows through. Delicious as an aperitif or match with charcuterie. Voilà! A memory that has stayed with me growing up on the family farm is ‘working for love’ on weekends and after school. It’s a tradition born of necessity. The sights and smells that made me feel a part of something bigger. The advice garnered and healthy approach to work I learned will always stay with me. Childhood is a wonderful time on a farm. My wife is the creative life force in our family, her beautiful artwork graces our labels and winery walls. She has harnessed the creativity of all the kids (the ‘little crazies’ in the family) and together, their art pieces form the label for our Rosé. This one’s for the Poco Loco’s of the family, who remind us to lighten up and see the brighter side of life.